Saltation – Chapter 29

Anlingdin Piloting Academy

In which Theo goes for a walk.

It’s approaching the long break, and the prospect of working at Hugglelans again, so it’s a whole year since chapter 20. A school year, that is, which is not a great deal of help for fixing the timeline without an idea of how the Anlingdin year lines up to the Standard Year.

I’m not convinced Theo’s solution to the problem of next year would have answered the case: moving out of the main quad into the DCCT dorm would have removed her from the immediate vicinity of the parochial and suspicious, but it would have only made things worse in the long run by making her seem to align herself with Them against Us. I suppose, had things been otherwise, it might have served to delay matters enough for her to finish her schooling. Might have. And the attack on DCCT makes it pretty clear that things are not that kind of otherwise.

Healer el’Kemin’s little exposition on the uses of vya expands our knowledge of it somewhat. We had known that it was used to stimulate passion, but previously we had only seen it used to stimulate passions of one particular kind. (And, come to think of it, the information that it has more varied applications offers a new angle on Aito-who-always-wears-too-much-vya.)

2 thoughts on “Saltation – Chapter 29

  1. Cassandra

    I’m re-listening to this on audio and enjoying your commentary once again. Theo’s political naivete really jumps out especially compared to my college students today who are very much aware of the state of the world.

  2. Paul A. Post author

    On the subject of the Anlingdin school year: it’s mentioned in Fledgling, when the idea of Theo attending first comes up, that three semesters at Anlingdin is one Standard Year. Next time I re-read Saltation I’ll have to keep an eye out for any mentions of the passing of semesters.

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