Dragon Ship – Chapter 26


In which Theo introduces Kara to her ship and crew.

I’ve been passing up several opportunities to comment on earlier, more subtle hints, but it’s pretty obvious now that there’s something going on between Theo and Kara. Good for them, though it’s not entirely consistent with the way their friendship was depicted in Saltation.

Perfection, the ship Asu is serving on, is now revealed to have the full name Asu Perfection. Or is “revealed” the wrong word? The obvious assumption is that its crew habitually shorten the name, in the manner of Shan and the crew of the Passage, but another possibility is that the ship was actually renamed to recognise a member of the Diamon family taking charge.

5 thoughts on “Dragon Ship – Chapter 26

  1. Jami Ellison

    Yes, I didn’t expect the sexual relationship either, based on Saltation. It seems the thing, these days, but one hopes for equitable to m/f couples :: a relationship that feels — not suddenly inserted — but developed, and organic, and authentic.

  2. Sami Sillanpaa

    I’ll need to look up my references, but I’m almost certain that there’s a point in Saltation where Theo and Asu are discussing Theo’s single-minded determination to become a courier pilot, and Theo says something along the lines of “not all of us have cruise ships named after us” to which Asu replies “I didn’t think you knew”. This exchange can’t really be about Diamon Lines in general, since one of the first things that Asu makes sure everyone knows is that she’s from Diamon Lines, so it pretty clearly suggests that there’s at least one ship out there that’s named with Asu’s first name.

    In terms of Theo’s relationship with Kara, I also feel like it’s more explicit in Saltation (or at least a little more obvious than you make it seem) that they’re occasional bedfriends. It may be that my memory is colored by the fact that I’ve read all the books so many times, but I remember being fairly confident that they were more intimate than just friends back when I was reading Saltation. However, like I said, I’m not really confident on this, so I’ll definitely need to go and read Saltation again!

  3. Paul A. Post author

    I’d forgotten about that conversation; that would appear to settle it. (It’s in chapter 28.)

    It’s been a while since the last time I read Saltation, so I don’t remember quite what it was in enough detail to search it out of the ebook, but I remember noting to myself quite late in the book something that I read as a clear indication that Kara and Theo had not yet been bedfriends, and then that there didn’t seem to be enough time between that point and Theo’s departure for them to have progressed to the extent implied in the later books.

  4. Paul A. Post author

    I’ve found it, I think, or part of it. In chapter 23, when she’s missing Win Ton, Theo thinks for a moment of the other people she’s had bed-time with since they were parted: two Anlingdin students, neither named, but it’s made clear that Kara is not one of them.

    And that’s only a couple of in-story days before Theo leaves Anlingdin for good.

  5. Ed8r

    I remember clearly that I was quite surprised to have it revealed that they had been bedfriends, for the same reasons Paul has mentioned.

    When I re-read the series recently, I still did not get the sense that the authors had planned in advance to introduce that relationship quite so overtly…although this time I was not surprised when I got to Dragon Ship. 😉

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