Dragon Ship – Chapter 27

Codrescu Station

In which more help arrives.

It’s not clear yet how many of the new arrivals are here following Bechimo‘s example. It might be that some of them were coming anyway, but didn’t have Bechimo‘s head start of already being outward bound when the call came; maybe they had business to settle before they could leave, or thought of useful things to round up and bring with them. (I’m thinking of Varthaven, for instance: do they always have doctors and a clinic on board, or was that something they had to arrange before they came?) Or it could be that every one of them is here because Asu was not only inspired but decided to share the inspiration around. Certainly the way they all arrive at once suggests some level of organization.

As of this chapter, Dragon Ship agrees with Ghost Ship (as one might expect) in declaring that it is currently summer on Surebleak.

1 thought on “Dragon Ship – Chapter 27

  1. Othin

    My impression was that the Carensens did at least the bulk part of organizing. But would they have come also without Bechimos example? They might also have pushed the matter (used some pressure) to get so many ships to come – since Tradedesk is a Carensens station (or at least mostly Carensens). Imho the Carensens had a better motive to not let Bechimo try this alone/without support. Maybe Theo’s luck also helped.

    But if this was a Carensens / Diamond shared effort – that might be even better. It would also mean that Diamond is more important than I thought – and the Theo – Asu connection as well.

    Regarding ship name – Asu might have been named after the ship. But whichever it is, it looks like Asu is getting groomed for a more important position.

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