Dragon Ship – Chapter 35


In which Kamele receives news of her daughter.

I like that the news of Theo’s activities comes from news sources that show a range of degrees of reliability and accuracy, where a writer less committed to worldbuilding might have just had one. (I particularly appreciate the detail of the biased summary on the Eylot situation saying “Eylot threatened with interdiction; vessel destroyed”, which makes it sound like somebody threatened Eylot for no reason and then destroyed a ship, instead of Eylot destroying a ship and being threatened with consequences.)

Joyita has acquired a fourth ring since last time they were mentioned, which was at Velaskiz Rotundo, just before Kara signed on as crew – and putting that way makes me wonder if that’s the key. Perhaps the fourth ring represents Kara, and the original two represent Theo and Clarence… or Theo and Win Ton, the holders of the first two ship keys, and the third was added at the point when Bechimo accepted Clarence as a crew member and not just a temporary nuisance. (It appears, I think, at about the same point that Bechimo stops objecting to being addressed as “Chimmy”.)

2 thoughts on “Dragon Ship – Chapter 35

  1. H. Nieuwenhuijzen

    Weren’t those rings supposed to represent succesful trading voyages? Or am I confusing Liaden spacers’ rings with Hani earrings?
    If Bechimo is giving his alter ego another ring for each leg of the journey, instead of for the full round trip, that seems wrong; though he does have enough travelling experience in all those centuries, though he wasn’t making trading trips then. Maybe he’s making his alter ego look more experienced and competent, now there are other crewmembers aboard who might doubt the imput from a relatively untried spacer.
    And maybe they do symbolise the people he’s commited to / responsible for; that’s a new idea for me. I’ll keep it in mind.

  2. Paul A. Post author

    You may be thinking of the Liaden trader ring described in Trade Secret, which has four inset gemstones, and each successful trading stop is marked by replacing one of the stones with another of higher quality in a set sequence (until eventually all four settings contain small amethysts, at which point the trader may apply to be recognised as a Master Trader and wear a ring with a single large amethyst).

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