Alliance of Equals – Chapter 28

Admiral Bunter

In which the student considers how to proceed.

Another chapter with thematic echoes between the two plot lines. Admiral Bunter and Padi are both being mentored, and both by mentors who choose at times to teach indirectly, by making space for the student to figure out the lesson for themself.

With the introduction of the second mate, it becomes apparent that the Passage‘s first, second and third mates are all new hires, and all relatives of Shan’s — not close relatives, but from distant branches of the family tree not usually involved in yos’Galan’s trading — which strongly suggests that Shan and Priscilla needed to call in some favours to get the command staff for this voyage. They lost a significant chunk of crew when Plan B was invoked, and after how that turned out I guess there was some trouble finding people willing to step into the gaps.

2 thoughts on “Alliance of Equals – Chapter 28

  1. Paul A. Post author

    The glossary adds, which is not in the text of the story, that Second Mate Lonan Davis is the eldest child of that elusive person, Anne’s brother Richard.

  2. Ed8r

    PA: that elusive person, Anne’s brother Richard.

    I don’t believe you’ve mentioned whether you ever did read “Shan and Priscilla Ride Again.” Now that you have such a gap between releases that are considered canon, you might go to the Splnter Universe and catch up on all the little “side stories” that have not been included. They really do make some interesting points.

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