The Gathering Edge – Chapter 10

Seebrit Station Speakeasy

In which hospitality is extended.

So of course instead of proceeding to the explanation, the story cuts to a completely different scene.

There’s something not quite right about Erthax’s account of his actions, but I’m not yet sure what it might be. Could be that he knew something and is trying to hide it, or that he knew nothing and is trying to hide that.

The confrontation in the bar was genuinely tense. I respect the commanders on both sides for keeping things civil, despite temptation. (If Vepal is right about the scar, Commander Sanchez has at least as much reason for not wishing to be civil to Yxtrang as her loudmouth subordinate, but she’s got a better grip on herself.)

Webbing, huh? Well, that’s at least a beginning of an explanation.

From Clarence’s viewpoint we get the first description of what Chernak and Stost look like. A point that may be worth noting is that they have the maturity scar but there’s no mention of the face tattoos that the Yxtrang go in for.

3 thoughts on “The Gathering Edge – Chapter 10

  1. James Lynn

    I’d forgotten the webbing reference (I read the novel originally when the eARC came out, and am now re-reading it in time with you), but I’m pretty sure that’s all the explanation you’re getting.

    I have a vague recollection from the Crystal books that at least some of the X and Y strains were going in for tattoos in the old universe. I think it’s from the scene where Jela gets into a fight with some of them in a bar.

  2. Paul A. Post author

    Yes, there are several mentions in the Crystal books about face tattoos becoming a common fashion among the X and Y Strains. Jela doesn’t approve, as I recall.

  3. Ed8r

    PA: he knew nothing and is trying to hide that.

    This was my impression. And Vepal thought Erthax’s explanation was just logical enough, that he decides to let it slide.

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