The Gathering Edge – Chapter 19


In which the pathfinders seek context.

I have a feeling Clarence’s tale-spinning may be intending to convey information beyond the obvious, and perhaps a warning about the inadvisability of getting on the wrong side of Theo and her crew. In which case I don’t think the warning has been heard, or perhaps it’s been heard but laid aside as insignificant in the face of necessity.

Theo’s strategy of giving the pathfinders information seems to have paid off in the matter of the Yxtrang, with them deciding that the Yxtrang don’t count as Troop any more.

It’s interesting to compare Chernak’s conversation with Stost to Vepal’s conversation with Erthax, back on Seebrit. In both cases it’s the senior raising a question that the junior has considered but chosen not to speak on, but the context is different and so, appropriately, is the senior’s judgement of the junior’s silence.

I am not sure what the pathfinders are thinking of attempting with Kara, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to go according to plan.

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