Neogenesis – Chapter 5 part III

In which Tocohl explores the boundaries of her new situation.

An interesting narrative embellishment here: this chapter is set before the previous one, ending around the time it starts. The authors had a choice what order to reveal this information to the audience, and didn’t go for the obvious option. One consequence is that when the audience is reading about Inkirani preparing to tackle Tocohl again, they know that it’s not going to go how she expects but they don’t know any more than she does exactly what she’s going to find waiting for her.

1 thought on “Neogenesis – Chapter 5 part III

  1. Ed8r

    It is important to note that Tochol has no plans to enslave Inki or to use any form of “conditioning” to achieve her own purpose. Quite a contrast between our (manufactured) human and AI people.

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