Neogenesis – Chapter 20 part IV

In which Val Con and Miri have a busy morning.

I like “a salute so smart it could have driven itself into town”. And Val Con’s interactions with the cat.

Miri has a point that the clan is not in a position to be casually turning away two members. Val Con has a point that welcoming two members with no apparent antecedents is likely to arouse interest. I don’t know where the middle ground lies, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Miri’s approach to Chernak and Stost is, I think, about making a point of principle. It’s not that she’s upset by the content of their demands, which aren’t asking for anything she wasn’t already planning to give them.

There’s an interesting play of melant’i going on when Win Ton tells Val Con about yos’Thadi’s offer to have Win Ton restored to field work. He says that he’s mentioning it to show yos’Thadi is not all bad, but he knows and Val Con knows that yos’Thadi’s offer is impossible to implement, so yos’Thadi is either incompetent or dishonest, and what Win Ton is actually doing by mentioning it is giving a more rounded account of yos’Thadi’s badness.

I wonder what would happen if Captain yos’Thadi, crusader against Old Tech, were to learn of the Great Work at Tinsori Light…

I don’t recall if I’ve said it before, but one of the things I like about this series is the way each language has its own sound even when they’re all rendered into English. Miri expresses herself differently when she’s speaking Liaden than when she’s speaking Surebleak Terran, and the same here with Theo.

Scout Historian vey’Loffit’s suggestion that Korval would be doing everyone a service if they could get Surebleak to produce a drinkable wine is a reminder of one of this book’s plot threads that has currently taken a back seat: through Val Con, Korval is already making an attempt in that direction.

We still haven’t had an account of what Joyita’s rings and bracelet signify, if anything, but a couple of things in this section might be seen to support my theory about them. (Which is, if you missed it, that the rings represent Bechimo‘s crew, and the bracelet represents Joyita himself.) Theo says that the ship has four crew, which is the same as the number of rings, and when Joyita gestures, bringing the bracelet into view, it’s during the conversation about how he came to be his own person, separate from Bechimo.

2 thoughts on “Neogenesis – Chapter 20 part IV

  1. Othin

    @ Joyita’s jewellery
    nice catch – this totally went past me – but your reasoning seems to be sound.
    This doesn’t of course eliminate the possibility of multiple meanings for the rings and bracelet.

    @ Win Ton telling about yos’Thadi’s offer
    another nice catch that I didn’t notice befor – thanks 🙂

  2. James Lynn

    This may have been what you meant, but I don’t think that Miri is concerned about the form of Chernak and Stost’s demands either. But she playing the Hero Captain, who would be. And I think that she’s choosing to play the Hero Captain partly to keep control of the situation, but also partly because she thinks it will be more comfortable for Chernak and Stost to deal with the Hero Captain than a civilian.

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