Fortune’s Favors – Chapter 5

In which Mar Tyn goes for a walk.

Ah, so that’s what happened to Mar Tyn’s mentor.

What is to become of Aazali? She will presumably need to go to the Healers, to be trained properly. Assuming the Healers will be interested in a girl from Low Port. I find myself wondering, since they’re the only specific Healers to have been mentioned in the story, whether she might be left in the hands of Keplyr’s family — but that’s the kind of thought I’ve learned to recognise as too simplistic for how the Liaden universe works. Mar Tyn probably doesn’t even know who Keplyr’s family were, or where to find them, and they’d be unlikely to want to talk to him even for the sake of an untrained Healer (or even to talk to him long enough to learn that that was what his business concerned).

Another question still to be answered: If the Lady’s token wasn’t to protect the bakery, what was it for?

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