Accepting the Lance – Chapter 10

Surebleak Port
Scout Headquarters

In which Clonak ter’Meulen sees a ghost.

Looks like the separately-published Neogenesis outtake describing part of Daav and Aelliana’s visit with Kamele remains in continuity; it fits neatly into the space left between their last scene in Neogenesis and their first scene here.

The under-construction merc recruitment centre has been mentioned a few times already, most recently in “Shout of Honor”.

Clonak, of course, knows that there’s no such person as “Kor Vid yos’Phelium”, but I don’t know if he’d been kept enough in the loop to guess who his visitors were before he saw them.

“Kor Vid” is one of those Liaden names that sounds odd because it sounds like an English word — in this case, “corvid”, the family of birds that includes crows, ravens, and magpies. I don’t see any obvious implication that might have been intended by the similarity, so it might just be coincidence.

3 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 10

  1. Ed8r

    Well, there is the point that corvids are know to be the “clever” birds. They make and use tools, they learn from each other (in fact juveniles will help their adult parents raise and train the next brood), they remember—sometimes for years—where they have cached food, and they remember faces and hold a grudge. Hmmm . . . that last one certainly would fit the current situation between Kor Vid and the DOI.

  2. Ohtin

    @the separately-published Neogenesis outtake describing part of Daav and Aelliana’s visit with Kamele

    I’m very glad that this outtake remains in continuity. I like it very much. I also like that Daav and Aelliana don’t try to stint their friends – like Clonak – from knowing them again.

    The merc recruitment center is not the only thing that is under construction or newly build. All over Surebleak new Buildings and service centers have to be springing up. My favorite is a Center for Bowli Ball.

  3. Ed8r

    With as many Scouts that have come to Surebleak, a center for bowli ball seems a near necessity for working off excess energy and keeping their reaction times in tune.

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