Accepting the Lance – Chapter 34

Blair Road
Boss Conrad’s House

In which Boss Conrad has breakfast.

Pat Rin’s conversation with Cheever reminds me of the old days when they were still getting used to each other. Apparently Pat Rin is still capable of surprising him.

I’ve been noticing that there’s been some variation in how different people resolve the question of pronouns for the unknown Boss Surebleak. Pat Rin has been consistently using female pronouns, while others have used male pronouns, and at least one person has used they/their. I don’t have any particular theories about what that might say about the assumptions they’re bringing to the table.

1 thought on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 34

  1. Ed8r

    In the beginning, I just noticed the contrast between Pat Rin (using female) and Miri’s first reactions (when she uses male). But then it seems that the entire committee of bosses follows Pat Rin’s example and they all use female. My first time through, I didn’t even consciously notice the differences, but I know that unconsciously, it caused a source of distraction/confusion for me. In fact, in some ways I just wish the authors had chosen the epicene they.

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