Accepting the Lance – Chapter 66

Six of Us
Daglyte Seam

In which the Assembled come to add their voices to the discussion.

I’ve used “This is a short chapter and I can’t think of anything to say about it” once already for this book, and that’s already once more than I prefer, but it’s true and I want to get on and find out what happens next.

5 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 66

  1. Ed8r

    Short, yes. But I enjoyed this bit:

    Sye Mon: In theory they can lock fields, and jump together.
    Bon Vit: Ah . . . I believe that they have just proved theory.

  2. Othin

    Does that remind you also of Pat Rin and how he and his arrived at Liad before the Skyblaze? Or is this looking fields something totally different?
    Is it only something smartships can do?

  3. Paul A. Post author

    When Pat Rin’s fleet travelled to Liad, they co-ordinated their jumps so they would arrive in the same place at the same time, but I believe they still jumped individually, as five separate objects each travelling through hyperspace on its own.

    Another event it might be useful to compare is Tolly and Haz’s escape from Nostrilia in Neogenesis. They jumped at the same time and to the same destination, but each separately. And then there was the bomb pod, which was within the field of Haz’s ship and so travelled along with it.

  4. Othin

    So does that connect to Gordy’s theory – I should say proven theory – of movement within jump? That was in Plan B when Dutiful Passage had those nasty bombs. I always expected this to have some effect on the story but the authors haven’t done anything with it yet.

  5. Ed8r

    I also found the description of the wave front of energy to be reminiscent of the energy wave that carried Quick Passage (and many others apparently) from the Old Universe to the new.

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