Accepting the Lance – Chapter 75

Jelaza Kazone

In which Emissary Twelve has thoughts about change.

There’s a lot of thinking about the future in this chapter: about what they will do if Boss Surebleak wins, and, perhaps more importantly, what kind of future they will shape if Boss Surebleak doesn’t win.

That makes, I believe two appointments the portmaster has tomorrow, beginning two hours apart. I wonder if they will collide in some fashion.

2 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 75

  1. Ed8r

    My first time through, I was wondering what the portmaster would communicate to Val Con about her meeting at the Emerald AND I was really looking forward to seeing her meet a Clutch and react to hearing that there would be many more visits by Clutch ships to Surebleak.

    Meanwhile, what mostly stood out to me in this chapter was the use of the book’s title in the mouth of Emissary Twelve.

  2. Ed8r

    What do you think was the “risky answer” Val Con was considering after Emissary Twelve tells him he is kind?

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