Accepting the Lance – Chapter 77

Jelaza Kazone

In which Rys is on his way home.

The scare quotes in the sentence about Emissary Twelve and Scout yo’Bingim each taking a packet of cookies to share with their comrades suggests that the narrator expects them to account for their own packet without any assistance. If that’s the case, I assume it was Scout yo’Bingim who came up with the story about comrades; bending the truth in such a way seems more in character for a Scout than for a Clutch Turtle, and she at least can point to comrades on-world, which Emissary Twelve can’t (unless one counts the Bedel, I suppose).

Scout Commander Val Con yos’Phelium thinks that the consequences of the election are likely to be fascinating. And I still recall what Miri said a few chapters ago about what it means when Val Con judges something to be fascinating.

2 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 77

  1. Ed8r

    Paul: what Miri said a few chapters ago about what it means when Val Con judges something to be fascinating

    Yeah. I took note of how well the authors had set that up for the readers!

    [Note to Paul: During the years you’ve been reading this series, have you ever written to the authors about one of the new books or stories? I notice they do not encourage fan fiction, but do they encourage any fan interactions (aside from conventions)?]

  2. Ed8r

    Oops! Hate that when it posts while I’m editing!

    I liked the way the authors slipped in the confirmation that Theo now thinks of Surebleak as home. Although I think Val Con may not have plumbed the depths of that to understand that it’s not merely Surebleak but Jelaza Kazone that she refers to.

    Also was a nice touch that “one naming himself Nathan Bedel” arrived at the very moment Val Con was on the verge of dashing across the fields to Yulie’s house to find Udari.

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