Accepting the Lance – Chapter 88

On the Road

In which Emissary Twelve appreciates flowers.

Even while Boss Surebleak stirs up trouble, life goes on. Somebody said, earlier in the book: that’s the only way to do it. You have to keeping planning for life After.

The calm contentment of Miri’s song is another sign that life goes on outside the bubble of haste created by Boss Surebleak — which is actually a bit odd, because it suggests that Miri hasn’t received the news about what Boss Surebleak’s done, even though Val Con got the news from an official Road Boss alert, and it’s Miri who’s being the Road Boss today.

5 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 88

  1. Ed8r

    Paul: which is actually a bit odd

    Huh . . . yeah, the timing is offset (again).

    What I found particularly interesting was Emissary Twelve saying she would need to personally guarantee that the planet is ready and receptive to the Clutch Turtle “invasion” that will be occurring eventually. That is, she interrupts Val Con’s attempted explanation of local events, and ends her comments by saying I must assure stability among all of those who live on the planet. Whoa! If she plans an ongoing effort, then that’s a more significant intrusion than the physical presence of the turtles is going to be! Meanwhile, she sat back and closed her eyes. She was humming gently [emphasis mine]. A Clutch Turtle humming is not just a casual undertone, it would itself be a deliberate choice and would probably have an active effect on her surroundings.

  2. Skip

    Emissary 12 says: “…we have not as many variations of hue as we see among the flowers here—our homeworld never learned to flower in this way!”

    Yet colorful flowers do grow on the Clutch homeworld. Excerpt from TO CUT AN EDGE ( in TWO TALES OF KORVAL, and in CONSTELLATION #1)

    IN SPITE OF the yellow flowers, Val Con made camp in the clearing on the bluff. It was a good place, protected and spacious…

    That statement just struck me as odd, for a species that not only mines / seeds caverns for knives but also plants and harvests in the fields.

  3. Othin

    I believe Emissary 12 is struck by the diversity of the process “flowering” not the process itself. It is an analogy to the shere diversity of people living on Surebleak ….

  4. Paul A. Post author

    I agree with Othin: it’s the variety of flowers that the Clutch homeworld doesn’t have, not flowers entirely.

    (I admit that the applicability to Surebleak’s situation hadn’t occurred to me either.)

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