Accepting the Lance – Chapter 89

Surebleak Port
Office of the Road Boss

In which Miri’s having a quiet day at the office.

Wait, I remember now: it’s Val Con’s day to be Road Boss, only they swapped so he could look after Emissary Twelve. Presumably whatever official rosters there are still say it’s Val Con’s day, which would be why Pat Rin sent the alert to Val Con and not to Miri.

Now, the question is: where is this leading? I don’t, on reflection, think it’s likely that Boss Surebleak’s plan is so complicated as to depend on it being Val Con rather than Miri in the Road Boss’s office. Although it might conceivably be depending on there being nobody in the Road Boss’s office, on account of the Road Boss having received the alert and rushed off. If the plan is to break into the unoccupied office and rifle the paperwork, they’re in for a surprise.

And it very probably, if only implicitly, depends on the Road Boss not showing up with a Clutch Turtle right behind him.

1 thought on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 89

  1. Ed8r

    Nice tidbit of suggested foreshadowing in her final thoughts: “Face it Robertson . . . You never expected to live this long.”

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