The Gate That Locks the Tree – Act 4, Scene 2

On a snow-filled road, under a snowy sky

In which Boss Gotta takes stock of the situation.

From the fact that he (or she) got a mention in the dramatis personae, I was expecting Boss Gotta to have a more prominent appearance than just a single name-drop and then never mentioned again. Although I suppose metaphorically Boss Gotta continues to be present and active.

Somebody else I was expecting to have more of a role from her mention in the dramatis personae is Vertu dea’San, former Delm of Wylan, as distinct from Vertu Dysan, taxi driver of Surebleak. It seems clear by this point that my prediction was wrong and she isn’t involved in the tangle of melant’i between Toragin and Jelaza Kazone. By now we can also tell that the dramatis personae lists characters in order of first appearance; the former delm is listed after Tommy and Jemie and before Yulie and his family, which says that her first appearance was the bit where Vertu Dysan, taxi driver of Surebleak, was reminiscing about how the taxi business was run differently back in Solcintra.

For that matter, we still have not yet received a clear statement of what the tangle of melanti’i does involve. There is hope, however: the fact that Chelada is now being transported to Jelaza Kazone in a shopping bag means that sooner or later somebody is going to have to let the cat out of the bag.

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