Trader’s Leap – Chapter 15

Dutiful Passage

In which Mar Tyn pai’Fortana answers some questions.

When Mar Tyn offered to let Priscilla bind him, I completely missed the implication until it was spelled out; I was thinking of handcuffs or similar.

It turns out that, since we met him last, Mar Tyn was acquired by the Department of the Interior and made part of Tarona Rusk’s network. This means that he’s probably the Luck that Fel Pin mentioned in his report to Tarona Rusk, the one who may have survived when all the other small talents in the network succumbed to separation trauma. We learn here that the reason Mar Tyn survived was because Dyoli exerted herself to keep him alive, at great personal cost.

I said before that Dyoli was the Healer that Mar Tyn met at the end of “Fortune’s Favors”. I stand by that even though Mar Tyn doesn’t mention that meeting to Shan and instead says that he met Dyoli after they were both acquired by the Department; I can believe that there’s more than one Liaden healer named Dyoli, but I find it improbable that the authors would put two of them in the path of the same character. More likely that Mar Tyn just didn’t remember the name of a Healer he met once and never expected to meet again, and they haven’t had a chance to compare life stories while Tarona Rusk was looking over their shoulders. I’m looking forward to hearing Dyoli’s version of how they met when she’s in a condition to tell it.

One thing worth noting about the Dyoli in “Fortune’s Favors” is that it was suggested that in addition to being a Healer she might have some precognitive talent. Considering what Mar Tyn says about them having complementary talents, I wonder if her talent and Mar Tyn’s were working together to give the two of them a chance to survive together instead of dying separately.

When Mar Tyn is told that Shan yos’Galan has some questions for him, I get the impression that he’s expecting the most prominent question to be something along the lines of “How did you allow a daughter of a High House to get in this state?” Which, apart from suggesting a lack of knowledge about Korval in general, is a reminder that he hasn’t been getting the news since before the Department was thrown off the homeworld — as far as he knows, Korval is still the fifty-first of the fifty High Houses.

4 thoughts on “Trader’s Leap – Chapter 15

  1. Paul A. Post author

    …and now I understand a lot more of the conversation we had in the comments on Chapter 6 than I did at the time.

  2. Skip

    Yes, it got a bit awkward because I realized I’d projected ahead of you. Glad it didn’t telegraph anything.

  3. Ed8r

    I remained open, just curious about where this was all going. Grateful to know that someone we were introduced to has also managed to survive.

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