Trader’s Leap – Chapter 22

Tarona Rusk
Her Proper Business

In which Tarona Rusk has one more thing to do.

Tarona Rusk’s plot thread has now caught up with where she was at when she made her appearance two-thirds of the way through Accepting the Lance. Presumably when we next see her that appearance will be behind her and we’ll get to learn what, now that her debts have been paid, constitutes “the remainder of her plans”.

3 thoughts on “Trader’s Leap – Chapter 22

  1. Skip

    I was not involved in the death of this particular DOI sub commander because I did not know her at all. I don’t think her name has ever been mentioned in prior books. I found that emotional distancing rather disappointing because the Department has certainly been a villainous antagonist throughout the series. Yet one without a face, largely. But at least we see Tarona striving to make things right now, all thanks to Shan.

    Tarona found it in herself—that she cared more that Sub-Commander pel’Bisit be prevented from performing any more atrocities, than she cared about putting paid to those committed in the past. So it was that Chona pel’Bisit died in her sleep—an aneurysm in the brain—and the universe was spared any more of her particularly loathsome cruelties.

  2. Ed8r

    Skip, I think your reaction is exactly what the authors had intended, because their focus is on the choice Tarona makes and how different it is from her past actions.

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