Trader’s Leap – Chapter 29

Dutiful Passage
Colemeno Orbit

In which Moonhawk is impatient.

Shan doesn’t seem to distinguish between Moonhawk and Priscilla’s Goddess, but I still think that the Goddess when she answered Priscilla’s prayer earlier had a distinctly different personality.

For one thing, she had more of a readily discernable sense of humour — and one of the things she was pleased to be humorous about was Priscilla’s momentary confusion at coming before the Goddess as herself rather than as Moonhawk’s vessel, which suggests that Priscilla and Moonhawk do make the distinction, since it wouldn’t make sense for Moonhawk to pray to herself.

My prediction is that the place where Moonhawk and Lute are to meet their end is Ribbon Dance Hill in the lands of the Haosa, and that their end will see them dispersing into the ambient. And also that Priscilla’s vision of Shan falling will come into it somewhere (and now I’m wondering if, had she not been distracted by Shan’s plight, she would have seen herself falling too).

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  1. Othin

    Yes that was also the way my thinking went. But falling can mean a lot of things and if Pricilla is to give birth to her daughter it can’t be anything really too dangerous. Also I don’t believe it to be in Moonhawks and especially Luths character to leave their “hosts” if it would hurt them. But apparently Pricilla isn’t that sure of it.

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