Command Decision

In which Bjarni helps see in the New Decade.

Major Lizardi, from Surebleak, with the knack for recognizing the right person for the job at hand, has to be Miri’s friend Liz at an earlier stage in her career.

I thought for a moment that Righteous Bispham’s name sounded familiar too, but I think I must have been getting confused with someone from some other series.

The language the locals speak is (or at least is rendered as) Esperanto.

I wonder if I would have enjoyed this more if I hadn’t known that it was written for an anthology where the brief was to include a particular phrase in the story. As it was, I spent approximately three quarters of the story waiting for the phrase to show up, and the rest of the story counting how many more times it got wedged in, and approximately none of the story invested in what the characters were up to.

1 thought on “Command Decision

  1. Ed8r

    Yeah, I’m afraid I had that same problem too, Paul. In fact, I would have to say that it rather spoiled the story for me. ;(

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