Dead Men Dream – Chapter 4

In which two men decide what they will do with their lives.

It occurs to me that several of the people in the ARTS accommodation have names that resemble musical terminology. In particular Joolia Tenuta and Femta both have names resembling terms (tenuto and fermata) indicating that a note is to be held for its full length or longer, appropriate for people whose lives are on hold. It may even, considering Port Chavvy’s policy of letting people choose their call-name and the fact that there’s a musical contingent among the ARTS residents, be deliberate.

We have not met Jemmon or Femta before this story, but the name of their sponsor is familiar. Their project of travelling and studying cultures is funded by Crystal Energy Systems, which suggests that it is, in addition to whatever other purposes it may have, serving some goal of the Uncle’s.

Femta’s method of studying Port Chavvy, by allowing himself to be marooned there until someone came to collect him, reminds me of the Bedel and their kompani, but I don’t think there’s meant to be a direct connection. For one thing, Jemmon’s description of the project suggests that that’s only one of their methods, and not necessarily the main one. For another, if there were a direct connection I think the implication would be that the Bedel evolved out of this project (one recalls Seignur Veeoni’s claim that the Uncle created the Bedel) — but given their depth of history I would be very surprised if they weren’t already existing and well-established at this point in time. On the other hand, I could believe that, if the Uncle did create the Bedel for some purpose only to have them slip his grasp and go their own way, this might represent for him another chance to achieve whatever that purpose was.

Then again, I may be completely overthinking it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that maybe Crystal Energy Systems decided to fund the project without the Uncle’s input, but perhaps he just decided to fund it for no more complicated reason than that it was there and not doing anyone any harm.

On re-reading, I was interested to note that the places where Jeef and Shanna would end up are all mentioned back in the first chapter: for Jeef, there’s a mention of Chef Klyken and a picture of the famous view out of the Long View’s window, and for Shanna there’s a meeting with Femta (who doesn’t have the accent of somebody from around here) and a mention of the E Deck Atrium right when he’s thinking about his desire to be off and seeing planets again.

4 thoughts on “Dead Men Dream – Chapter 4

  1. James Lynn

    I wondered whether this project of Crystal Energy Systems might be the forerunner of the travelling scholars we met on the cruise liner in Fledgling.

  2. Paul A. Post author

    The Visitors’ League in Chapter 28. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. I’d forgotten about them. (Perhaps a sign that it’s time for me to read Fledgling again?)

  3. Paul A. Post author

    Sharon Lee’s post about Derelict reminded me of two things I didn’t get around to saying in one of the chapter posts, because the author’s note to this story says that they originally started writing this story for Derelict and then chose not to submit it because they would have had to cut it down a lot to fit the specified word count. So, the two things:

    1) I like the creativity with which they interpreted the prompt “derelict”; and

    2) I’m glad they didn’t cut it down; I agree with their assessment that it would have been a less satisfying story.

  4. Othin

    “Their project of travelling and studying cultures” – this we have met briefly before. But then the Uncle’s originals sponsorship seems to have long ago been forgotten. Remember the first ship Theo travels with. She and Win Ton visit a meeting of the local group that this project has grown into. – Ups you all mentioned it. So I just second this.

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