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Shout of Honor – Chapter 3

In which Commander Vepal goes to meetings.

The idea that a troop reflects its commander seems to be setting itself up as a recurring theme. It will be interesting to see what is reflected in Commander Vepal’s troop when push comes to shove. One might also wonder: what does the behaviour of Perdition Enterprises say about its commander?
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Shout of Honor – Chapter 2

In which Commander Vepal finds an ally.

The drinking establishment named “The Headless Yxtrang” echoes an established pattern on Earth — there have been, for example, several taverns that commemorated some soldier’s deeds in the Crusades by being named “The Saracen’s Head”. Vepal sees a more metaphorical resonance with his own situation: the problem he is trying to solve is that the Yxtrang are collectively headless, in the sense of lacking the leadership they need.
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The Gathering Edge – Chapter 17

Arak ek zenorth
En route

In which there is breakfast.

I wonder if Vepal renamed the ship when he acquired it, and if so what “arak ek zenorth” means. I suspect we’ll find out at the dramatically appropriate moment.
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The Gathering Edge – Chapter 12

Seebrit Station
The Sweet Rest Hostel

In which Ambassador Vepal pursues his necessities.

It doesn’t surprise me that Vepal has an Explorer’s training. Imagine an ordinary Yxtrang officer trying to do this job!
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The Gathering Edge – Chapter 10

Seebrit Station Speakeasy

In which hospitality is extended.

So of course instead of proceeding to the explanation, the story cuts to a completely different scene.
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The Gathering Edge – Chapter 3

Wyrd Space

In which some introductions take place.

It occurs to me to wonder if there’s some kind of familial connection between the norbears and the Trees. Then again, there might be species all over the place that communicate through mental images; we don’t really know.
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