Scout’s Progress – Chapter 38

In which Daav’s future is decided.

And now the Tree approves of Daav’s choice of Aelliana — because, as I see it, now Daav has made the choice, where before he was only thinking sadly of a choice he might have made.

(And why does the Tree care? Is it, as Daav accuses, only interested in breeding stock, or did it want Daav to choose the woman with whom he’d be happy? I don’t suppose we’ll ever know. Either way, Daav is certainly right about one thing: the Tree’s method of expressing its disapproval wasn’t fair on Pilot tel’Izak.)

Reminder: Although there is one chapter of Scout’s Progress remaining, it is repeated in its entirety near the beginning of Mouse and Dragon. With that in mind, tomorrow we go straight to Mouse and Dragon chapter 1.

10 thoughts on “Scout’s Progress – Chapter 38

  1. Jami Ellison

    In the preface, happy memories of Crystal Soldier. Cantra’s log gets most of Jela’s story right, too, except he walked about 10 days before he found tree. He was down to his last water bulb.

    Preface: He found it in a desert, so he told me—the only living thing in two days’ walk. A skinny stick with a couple leaves near the top, that’s all it was then.

    I don’t remember the name of the world it came from. He might not have told me. Wherever it was, when his Troop finally picked him up, Jela wouldn’t leave ’til he’d dug up that damned skinny stick of a tree and planted it real careful in an old ration tin. Carried it in his arms onto transport. And nobody dared to laugh.

    —Excerpted from Cantra yos’Phelium’s Log Book—-

  2. Jami Ellison

    And I agree with you. Tree wasn’t kind to Daav’s fiancée. But I think tree, being clairvoyant, knew that Alliana was his life mate. And tree maybe saw Val Con’s birth, too.

  3. Ed8r

    Surely Tree is not merely clairvoyant but couldn’t help but be aware…as we are not at this point…SPOILERS BELOW:

    That Aelliana and Daav are supposedly the reincarnations of Lute and Moonhawke.

  4. Skip

    I thought that Shan and Priscilla were Lute and Moonhawk? Admittedly, I tend to skim those stories, so maybe I’m wrong.

  5. Ed8r

    Of course it’s Shan and Priscilla. Forgive me, all. That’s twice in one afternoon I bobbled…or blinked, if I were Liaden.

  6. Ed8r

    PA: only interested in breeding stock, or did it want Daav to choose the woman with whom he’d be happy. In this case, it is the same. Unless he were choosing between two separate people, we would never know which was considered more important.

    The Tree overcompensated just a bit, wouldn’t you say? The seeds/nuts from “dozens of pods” would make quite a meal!

    I know it was the authors’ choice to how the Tree being so “mean” to Samiv, but why? Surely it would be possible to show more communication with the Tree without resorting to torment?

  7. Dr. Dredd

    Ed8r and Paul: If Shan and Priscilla are reincarnations of Lute and Moonhawk, could Da’av and Aelliana be reincarnations of Rool Tiazan and his lady? This is, I think, foreshadowed by what Da’av tells Master Healer Kestra in Local Custom: “Yet history tells us that Master Wizard Rool Tiazan’s lady lived in him after the death of her body.”

  8. Paul A. Post author

    I think that scene in Local Custom is foreshadowing for Daav and Aelliana repeating Rool Tiazan and his lady’s feat, but I don’t think it’s foreshadowing that they are themselves Rool Tiazan and his lady. For one thing, I don’t believe we’ve been given any reason to expect reincarnation for Rool Tiazan and his lady — Lute and Moonhawk get reincarnated because they’re Names of the Goddess and their lives are woven into the fabric of the universe, which Rool Tiazan and his lady aren’t.

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