Just a quick note

Just a quick note to affirm that I’m sticking with the plan of reading new novels at their own speed, and blogging a re-read at some later point.

Salvage Right would have been a rough one to read for the first time at one chapter a day: it’s like Accepting the Lance, with lots of tiny chapters — only more so. A rough back-of-the-envelope calculation says it would have taken six months to get through. I’m much happier to have read it at the speed I read it.

2 thoughts on “Just a quick note

  1. Skip

    Yes, absolutely ! Salvage Right will be much more enjoyable as a non-stop read. I enjoyed the book. When you blog, I will be interested.

  2. Ed8r

    Annnnd . . . I can confirm also that for the reasons you both cite, I found my first re-read more enjoyable because I had the basic overview all sorted.

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