Accepting the Lance – Chapter 26

Surebleak Orbital Influence Zone
Northern L5 Limits

In which Bechimo makes an unusual discovery.

Libration points, or Lagrangian points, are points in a system involving two large orbiting objects, such as a planet and its sun, where the balance of forces means a smaller orbiting object may maintain its position relative to the two larger objects. There are five such points in any given system; the first three tend to be unstable, meaning an object in one of those orbits will drift out of it over time, but the last two are stable when the mass ratio between the two larger objects is greater than a particular size, and it’s not uncommon to find smaller objects orbiting in a planet’s L4 and L5 points. For instance, the regions surrounding Jupiter’s L4 and L5 points are both home to sizeable clusters of asteroids orbiting in sync with the planet.

I don’t believe we’ve encountered Remco before, but we have of course heard the name of Carresens in several different contexts. One of which is that the Carresens family operates a shipyard at Margate, which among other things produced the Free Ship Disian.

2 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 26

  1. Skip

    Good info on Libration points or Lagrangian points

    Question: what do you think these old Remco Margate buses are? Surely not really buses in space, not even stellar buses? And what are all the attachments? Mining equip? I am curious as to why Kara suggests that Surebleak could repair them and use them.

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