Fledgling – Chapter 5

City of Efraim

In which Theo goes shopping.

This is a quiet chapter in terms of what actually happens, but it introduces a lot of details that will crop up again later, especially during Theo’s bus trip.

Theo’s memories of her father in this chapter contain several call-backs to Scout’s Progress and Mouse and Dragon, with his ring and the toasted cheese sandwiches.

Mmmmm, toasted cheese sandwiches. I haven’t had a good toasted cheese sandwich in ages. I don’t seem to be able to find cheese that toasts well, lately.

7 thoughts on “Fledgling – Chapter 5

  1. Ed8r

    In my family through three generations now, grilled (rather than toasted) cheese sandwiches must be accompanied by tomato soup for dipping in. Try it…you’ll like it.

  2. Paul A. Post author

    Alas, I am not a fan of tomato soup, or most anything involving cooked tomato; I find the flavour too sharp to be pleasant.

  3. Paul A. Post author

    No, I haven’t. I can see how that might help. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of milk either.

  4. Ed8r

    Personally, I do not find that using milk allows me to taste milk, per se, in the soup. But the flavor is creamy with the sharpness diluted by the milk. Perhaps adding cream or sour cream to a soup made with water might do it?

  5. Caroline

    Pardon a totally non-Liaden related comment (I don’t recall tomatoes ever being mentioned, even when discussing Yulie Shaper’s produce), but sour cream will not help the sharpness of tomato soup. What does help, a startling amount, is a pinch of sugar added to the tomatoes when cooking them. Or, alternatively, roasting the tomatoes before making the soup.

  6. Ed8r

    Caroline, your information is quite helpful for making tomato soup from scratch. I must admit, I was commenting only on how to reconstitute canned soup.

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