Conflict of Honors – Chapter 23

Shipyear 65
Tripday 147
Third Shift
15.00 hours

In which Mr dea’Gauss gets to work.

So, about three days to get from Liad to Arsdred in a hurry. (Dutiful Passage, I think someone said in a recent chapter, has taken about four months to get to Arsdred, but it was going the scenic route and stopping places for days or weeks along the way.)

The exchange rate for Terran bits to cantra is still (or again?) 35,000 to 1, as it was in Balance of Trade.

There are a remarkable number of ambassadors on board the Passage at present. Apparently, they’re here for an ambassadorial reception, but it says something about the ship’s melant’i, that it’s able to hold ambassadorial receptions — and more, that so many are in attendance when the ship is still in lockdown, with nobody allowed on board without specific authorization. (I get the impression from the ambassadors who have had speaking parts that some of them have come specifically because of the ship’s present situation, to show solidarity.)

9 thoughts on “Conflict of Honors – Chapter 23

  1. Ed8r

    This time through (after already asking about Priscilla’s answer to one of her test questions) I recognized the meaning of Val Con’s response: “He believes a successful scout and a successful thief must share certain vital characteristics. He thanks you for the suggestion of an avocation and asks further what he may be honored to steal for you first.” This response being before Shan has confirmed that Priscilla is not a thief.

  2. Skip

    I have been trying to find a list of the days of the week in the Liaden calendar. Every now and then I read a day (Trilsday ? or some such) and I do not know where it falls in the week. Do you know? I ask because you seem to keep close track of details

  3. Paul A. Post author

    The Liaden Wiki has a list of the names of the days, but with a note that the order they go in is uncertain:,_Gadgets,_Cards,_Calendar#Time,_Days,_Holidays

    I don’t think there’s anywhere in any of the books that does make it clear what order they go in; they’re usually mentioned one at a time and in isolation, such as one character happening to say to another, “See you next Trilsday”, without an indication of how far away that is or what day it is now.

  4. Skip

    Okay, so here is a confusion, re that webpage. It says: The days of the first week are all “firstday”, as in: Jeelum Firstday, Cheletha Firstday.
    The days of the second week are all “seconday”, as in “Trils Seconday, Banim Seconday, and so on ’til “eighthday” whereupon we all start over again. (needs reference)

    I don’t quite get it. It seems to me that this does not align with some quotes below that I found:

    Banim Fourthday in the Third Relumma of the Year Named Yergin[24]
    Discrepancy: “…the completed and certified documents will be in your hands no later than Banim Third-day.”[25]
    Trianna Seconday in the Fourth Relumma of the Year named Sandir[26]
    Jeelum Twelfthday in the Fourth Relumma of the Year Named Qin[27]
    Finyal Eighthday in the First Relumma of the Year Named Saro[28]
    possible discrepancy: Metlin Eighthday – “…midmorning tea in the garden at Glavda Empri on Metlin Eighthday of the current relumma.”[29]
    Trilsday [30]
    Zeldra seventhday – “no later than Zeldra Seventhday of this present relumma”[31]

    Quarterday – “Carefully, adhering to a protocol altered and memorized every Quarterday, Mr. dea’Gauss pushed three buttons in sequence”[32]

  5. Skip

    I copied this from the Forward to Balance of Trade in Crystal Variation combo. It seems to say a Liaden week is 12 days, not eight days or 16 days. As far as I can tell, that aligns with the texts. Yes?

    Liaden Currency 12 dex to a tor 12 tor to a kais 12 kais (144 tor) to a cantra 1 cantra = 35,000 Terran bits Standard Year 8 Standard Days in One Standard Week 32 Standard Days in One Standard Month 384 Standard Days in One Standard Year Liaden Year 96 Standard Days in One Relumma 12 Standard Months in One Standard Year One Relumma is equal to 8 twelve-day weeks Four Relumma equal One Standard Year

  6. Paul A. Post author

    Yes. A Standard Week is 8 days, but a Liaden week is 12 days, with 8 Liaden weeks in a relumma.

  7. Skip

    I will admit that having read nearly all the books, it still isn’t easy to see how that corresponds with those quotes I inserted into a comment above. I guess readers don’t need to know.

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