Accepting the Lance – Chapter 57


In which Aberthaz Ferry has things to do.

I am, naturally, pleased that Bechimo has decided not to be bothered any more by Theo’s decision from earlier, but I don’t really see why it happened now in particular. What has happened to change his mind?

Aberthaz Ferry unloads a lot of history here. I understand why she didn’t mention any of it earlier, there being more urgent topics of discussion, but one could wish she hadn’t dropped all this in Bechimo’s lap and immediately taken off. If she’d waited until Bechimo had reported the conversation to Jeeves, Jeeves would have had news for her on the subject of the Tinsori Light, and possibly on the subject of whether there’s really no aid for her in this universe — and I am certain that he would have had pressing questions, as I do, on the subject of the recruiting station that has recently been activated. Because I think we can guess where that is and who activated it.

I hope this missed opportunity doesn’t come back to bite anybody later.

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  1. Ed8r

    PA: Jeeves would have had news for her on the subject of the Tinsori Light, and possibly on the subject of whether there’s really no aid for her in this universe. I know, right? This was one of those “yell at the TV” moments, only it wasn’t a TV I was yelling at.

    Then there’s the plot implications of Theo and Bechimo’s declaration to each other after his apology:
    Theo: “I’ll always be here with you, Bechimo.”
    Bechimo: “And I will always be with you.”

    The first time I read this I just skimmed by, felling like “yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s just get on with it.” And then later—like you, Paul—I began wondering . . . why now? But at some point in my rereads, my reaction became, “Uh-oh! What’s going to happen to tear them apart?” Even barring some tragedy that might befall, she doesn’t have nearly the same life expectancy as he does. So then I started worrying about what the authors might be trying to prepare us for.

  2. Skip

    I infer that Bechimo realized he owed Theo an apology because he basically did what he accused her of doing with ValCon — giving assurances and promises (to Abernath F) without first discussing the matter with his bonded partner

  3. Paul A. Post author

    The situations do seem to be relevantly similar, now you mention it. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say he did the same thing (he doesn’t explicitly discuss the situation, but it does say that he’s aware of Theo listening in and I infer that he is aware of her reactions and takes them into account, which is more than Theo did), but in any case it can be said that whatever sense of responsibility he felt toward Aberthaz Ferry as a fellow smartship gave him a basis for understanding Theo’s sense of responsibility toward her kin.

  4. Skip

    Yes, right you are. Anyway, that was my vague recollection based on my impression when I read the E-arc book last fall. I haven’t done a second reading yet. I usually wait a year or so. I never bought the final official version, so….

  5. Othin

    @”I hope this missed opportunity doesn’t come back to bite anybody later.”
    I have the feeling it will. There are just too many hints that the DoI situations isn’t as resolved as everybody seems to think. The not shut door in Claidyne ven’Orikle mind, for example.

    @“I’ll always be here with you, Bechimo.” … I think it was the Uncle saying that the remastering unit on Bechimo would allow the bonded captain to have a lifespan much longer than one might expect. But I don’t remember when and to whom he spoke.

    @why now – thanks for the explanation. That went right by me.

  6. Skip

    “The recruiting station has recently been activated and so, at last, I have its location. Nullifying it will be my final act.“ —

    I infer that Rys and Claidyne activated it, in the first chapters, Six of Us. Funny how things work out. Sounds like it hadn’t been activated in long years. I would like to know when it was first activated. Is that possibly found in one of the Jethri books?

  7. Paul A. Post author

    We may yet learn something in upcoming Jethri books, but so far all we’ve had there is an implication that the DOI, or something that might be an ancestor of the DOI, is already at work. The origins of the DOI and the circumstances in which it became entangled with the recruiting station remain mysterious.

  8. Skip

    Ah well, okay, thanks. I have been waiting for library books for the Jethri series, or I will buy but not until that whole arc is complete.

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