I Dare – Chapter 46

Day 44
Standard Year 1393


In which Surebleak Port requires the assistance of the planetary government.

The two Juntavas pilots join the collection of characters for whom the authors have not chosen to provide pronouns, although the fact that we have their names and that they’re Terran names gives one a basis for speculation if one chooses.

I think this is the second mention of timonium in publication order, and the first mention of it being commercially developed in the present, although there are numerous mentions in the early prequels – which kind of makes me wonder what it’s used for in the present, because in the prequels it’s associated with forbidden Old Tech, which I would have thought would mean there wasn’t much money in digging up more of the stuff.

2 thoughts on “I Dare – Chapter 46

  1. Jami Ellison

    I am also a bit confused about timonium being used by humans in the new universe, but also being classified as outlawed, dark tech, employed by Sheriekas. For a long time, I associated timonium only with Sheriekas, and feared they’d entered the new universe. Jela (Crystal Soldier) seemed to think anything that was built out of timonium was connected to the Great Enemy. The implication was that Sheriekas knew how to work wth it, and master it, but humans did not.

    We know Uncle tries to defang timonium devices and make them work for him. But he cannot be responsible for all the timinium-based ships, autodocs, learning machines, etc. Are some newly made, or all they all “befores” ?

  2. Ed8r

    Do the Bedel use timonium? They seem to be able to make things that (looking forward into Dragon in Exile) are similar to Old Tech. Could the reason they were set down on Surebleak be that it had been a source for timonium?

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