Dragon in Exile – Interlude 6

The Firmament

In which Vazineth ser’Trishan makes her choice.

After this there are three more Agents with their futures unresolved, and the next three Interludes are spaced out at consistent intervals, so I think I can see where that’s going.

I like how each of the Agents so far has been individual in their circumstances, even those who made the same choice as each other. This one in particular is like the whole situation in miniature.

(I’m still worried about the possibility that one of Korval’s guests, given the choice, will choose to remain aligned with the Department.)

1 thought on “Dragon in Exile – Interlude 6

  1. Paul A. Post author

    On re-reading, I see that the story of Vazineth’s revival foreshadows her role in Accepting the Lance: just as Ren Zel doubts here her ability to make the first choice, Rys will later doubt her ability to commit to the second choice, to take direct action against the Department, and will likewise be proven wrong. And if either of them had let their doubts win and not given her the choice, Rys’s team would have been in a whole lot of trouble without her.

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