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  1. Brenda

    Thank you for the wonderful and enlightening job you’ve done on this re-read. If you decide to do another series, will you announce it at this site?

  2. Hazel Dee

    Thank you for wonderful project and posts. I am searching of the reference I am sure I read in one of the books about Jen Sar Kiladi’s name being a joke on an old clan name?
    I have been trying to search your archives but without success – can you help please as this tiny details is driving me crazy – It was to my knowledge never explained what the joke was or where the name originated?

  3. Paul A. Post author

    Apparently I didn’t note that occasion in-text in the relevant blog entry, but I did at least tag it so I could find it again. (I really need to get around to organising the tag system into something more user-friendly and searchable.)

    It’s the Uncle’s recap in the prologue of Dragon Ship: “Kiladi. Yes. A joke there. Very nearly a Scout’s joke. But Kiladi, for all it had been Liaden before its dissolution, was no bloodline belonging to Clan Korval.”

    And that is, so far, the most anyone has said on the topic. There were a few earlier hints about Jen Sar having borrowed his name from a long-ago disbanded clan (Chapter 24 of Fledgling, Chapter 38 of Saltation, Chapter 33 of Ghost Ship), but nothing like an explanation of who that clan was or why Jen Sar chose it or what the joke is.

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