Due Diligence – Chapter 2

In which Petrella yos’Galan is diligent.

I had some things I was going to say about how I still didn’t understand why Chi is going to these lengths, but they’ve been rendered moot by the helpful person in the previous post’s comments who wished to spare me the trouble of waiting for the story to explain itself. So.

I like the discussion of the difference between offending nobody and offending everybody.

The thing Petrella thinks she remembers about Line pen’Uldra, which has not yet been revealed, is I suspect likely to be connected somehow with the fact of Fer Gun being the last of the Line.

6 thoughts on “Due Diligence – Chapter 2

  1. James Lynn

    I do apologise for your finding my comment on your last post a spoiler.

    I had thought that it would be okay, since it consisted of facts that you already clearly knew, since you had identified Chi and which child it was that she needed, and an inference that could be drawn from those facts and the first chapter (albeit it was easier to draw having read the whole novella). If it helps, it was only my inference, and is nowhere explicitly stated.

  2. Othin

    Here we see the relationship between Chi and her identical twin sister Petrella. A difference between the twins. Chi seems to like risk taking a bit more while Petrella seems to find social property a bit easier and more important. This is just the feeling that I get – maybe do to Petrella already having arranged her marriage as well as her stay on Liad during pregnancy. If roles were reversed I somehow don’t see Petrella marring Fer Gun.

    The young Petrella seems to be a totally different women from the bitter old wounded Petrella we see in Local Custum. (This of course is do mainly to the hurt of losing her bonded twin and her son – her physical wounds and the resulting pain and helplessness may also play a part in her will (even necessity) to control and seek safety in social property.) So it is nice to see how Petrella has been before loosing Chi.

    Why does Chi decide for a social nobody?

    There are surely many pilots on Liad with comparable pilot talent – since there are a lot of scouts. But scouts have their own problem, since they are not viewed as socially acceptable. That leaves Master Pilots and 1st Class Jump Pilots. There should still be many that are young enough, but all of them come with political connections or implications of favoritism. Also Chi would have to watch her own behavior while being with her husband.

    As said before Chi can solve 2 problems with one stroke. She sees a chance to help a young and naïve but charming and honorable pilot who got stranded on her port. And also since there is no optimal choice, no one on Liad who can guarantee a pilot child, why not avoid political complications and offending someone by bypassing all Liaden clans?

    When Chi and Petrella discuss Fer Gun, Petrella checks his merits: Looks, character, pilot ability, moral, and the bonus: without offending connections to anyone on Liad, which offends everyone equally.
    I particularly like the plan on how deal with Fer Gun’s drawbacks – on how to make him presentable. Including the help of Lady yo’Lanna sets her up as almost traditional for help making Korval spouses acceptable when both Er Tom and Daav need her.
    As for the additional contract – that serves also several purposes.
    • Getting Chi away from Liad during her pregnancy – and thus avoiding testing her temper.
    • Getting Fer Gun away from Liad and potential awkward or dangerous situations.
    • Getting the small trader set up.
    • Teaching a naïve young pilot.
    • Carefully balancing for Fer Gun’s treatment by his clan.
    • Showing how Korval may handle its responsibility toward pilots.
    • The chance of making a contact spouse into a long-term ally and friend.

  3. Othin

    @ Pilot training and required expenses and time.
    Statement from Changeling: Training – 4 years, 24 cantra + 2 years apprentice

    So that would make Fer Gun having achieved majority and about 18 or 19 years old when he started at Alingdin, depending on how much his fast track allowed him to shorten his training.

  4. Paul A. Post author

    James, thank you, and I apologize if I was too cranky. I was having a bit of a stressful week.

  5. Paul A. Post author

    Othin, that’s a good analysis of why Chi might have chosen a social nobody. It fits with what was said in the chapter, that if you don’t have an option that offends nobody you might as well pick an option that offends everybody equally.

  6. Ed8r

    I, too, enjoyed the point of balance between offending no one and offending everyone equally…it works out the “same” in the end.

    I didn’t remember anything about line “pen’Uldra” even now. I’ll be watching for it later, however.

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