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In advance of the publication of Accepting the Lance, there is a new Liaden story up on the homepage, titled “A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom” and described as “within the timeline of Accepting the Lance“.

I won’t be reading and posting about it until after Accepting the Lance, because my experience has been that when I read the forerunner short story first I spend the entire novel being distracted waiting for something related to the short story to show up, but you go ahead and read it whenever suits you.

5 thoughts on “New story

  1. Ed8r

    @Paul: I just finished reading the story, and did not notice any information that would be a “spoiler” for Accepting the Lance. In fact, now I am eager to get back to that book to see how it fits in.

    We’ll see whether Othin will stop by to confirm (or whether my memory is that bad).

  2. Othin

    No spoiler – if you don’t count the presence of a certain scout on Liad – a scout with a dedcation to humor and Terran proverbs that is.

  3. Othin

    Oh, it is from Liad and on Surebeak 🙂

    you need to get the new storry soon or wait til it is presented in a book.
    Quote from Sharons blog:
    “There is a short story, “A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom,” posted on to tide you over. The story is free for everyone to read, but! It will be taken down in mid-December when another story, by another Baen author will be posted. The story is on the front page, but you need to scroll down to find it*.”

  4. Paul A. Post author

    It will be taken off the home page in mid-December, but it won’t become completely unavailable. All the home-page stories are still available on the Baen site after their stint on the home page, you just have to go deeper into the site to get to them.

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