Accepting the Lance – Chapter 14

Blair Road
Boss Nova’s House

In which Kezzi discusses the news with her brother.

I hadn’t thought about what the coming of the ship might mean for Malda, but it makes sense that pets wouldn’t be allowed. Which raises the question of why Kezzi’s family let her get attached to Malda in the first place. It might just be that, like Droi, they weren’t expecting the ship to come, but the decision would have involved at least Silain who would be required as a matter of policy to consider the consequences if the ship did come. Remembering that Malda was the only close friend Kezzi had before she met Syl Vor, that might have been why: that in the here and now she needed a friend, and the benefits would outweigh whatever problems arose if they faced separation later.

4 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 14

  1. Ed8r

    I don’t think *any* of us had thought about that possibility . . . because it almost seemed as if the idea of a ship being expected was a part of their culture that had become a myth. How many generations had been waiting?

  2. Othin

    The Bedel arrived on Surebleak somewhere between 1285 and 1358. (Gilmore Agency started operation on Surebleak around 1285 and left somewhat before 1358 (see Timeline, when epidemic hit Surebleak)). That means that some of the elder Bedel might have been kids when the Bedel arrived on Surebleak or were born shortly after the arrival.

    But that still might make the ship being late for some decades, properly even more than Kezis entire life. Therefore acepting Malda into Kezis life seems more than reasonable.

  3. Paul A. Post author

    Closer to the earlier date than the later, I believe. The kompani arrived while the Gilmour Agency’s fatcats were in the process of pulling out, and they were long gone by the time of the epidemic.

    It says in Dragon in Exile that the present kompani is the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the kompani that landed on Surebleak.

  4. Othin

    Thanks Paul, good catch.
    So if this is more to 100 or even 109 years , than this “grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the kompani that landed on Surebleak” surely only refers to the younger Bedel, the really old Bedel like Dmitri and his agemates would than be children of the kompani that landed. My guess is that Silian and Alosha also fit in with children, while Droi, Memit, Pulka and many others fit grandchildren and Kezi and Isart would be great-grandchildren.

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