Something I’ve noticed come up in online discussions of the Liaden stories is the problem of finding details when one needs them: details of character backstory or appearance, useful quotations, whatever.

And it occurs to me that, since I’m going to be blogging my way through all the stories anyway, it might be an opportunity to make notes that could help someone, some other time, faced with having to comb through them in search of information.

(I know I’d have been grateful if somebody had ever compiled an index of all the places where specific dates are given. Just for instance.)

Creating an index could just be a matter of tagging each entry with relevant information about the story or chapter in question. (Names of all the relevant characters, for an obvious possibility.)

Does this seem like a useful thing to do? What sorts of things might I look for, either specifically or in general?

(There will in any case be things I’ll be looking out for, just for my own interest. Just when the scions of Solcintra started displaying knowledge of Bach and Shakespeare, for one thing.)

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