Trade Secret – Chapter 2

Clan Ixin’s Tradeship Elthoria, in Jump

In which Jethri is invited to a party.

The ship is to hold a Festival of its own, sponsored by Ixin, since its schedule won’t take it near any planet-bound Festivals this year. This will be, I think, Jethri’s first experience of an actual Festival; he hadn’t encountered one before he went to Irikwae, and if he’s encountered one since it’s not been mentioned. And as a member of the sponsoring clan, it’s not going to be sufficient for him merely to partake and observe; he’s going to be expected to make a contribution or two of his own to the running of the party. Nothing like being thrown in the deep end.

One of the things that was stated early on about Jethri and Gaenor is that, on top of all the other pleasures of their friendship, he enjoys looking at her, though he’s always been careful to take his pleasure unobtrusively and not presume anything in that direction. With Festival coming on, it’s probably inevitable that there’s going to be development of that side of their relationship – especially if Gaenor keeps practicing sultry looks on him. (I can’t help wondering what response she was hoping for from him.)

7 thoughts on “Trade Secret – Chapter 2

  1. Ed8r

    The sultry looks and deliberate exposure of her upper body parts, so to speak, surprise me every time, as we find they surprise Jethri! How old is he now? (Not that Liadens don’t start their training in this area rather young, IMO).

  2. Paul A. Post author

    He was 17 in Balance of Trade, and although I don’t remember where this is specifically established, I believe enough time has passed for him to be 18 now.

  3. Othin

    He is definetly 18. His birthday happend on Irikwae – and the honner of celebrating his 18th name day went to clan Tarnia as was pointed out by Tarnia herself.

  4. Paul A. Post author

    Aha, yes. And the chapter which notes that also suggests that by Spacer standards he’s been counted an adult since he was fourteen.

  5. Othin

    My former comment about Jethri’s 18th name day is not entirely correct. Jethris stay on Irikwae was cut short since Norn arrived early for the testing. So Tarnia didn’t have the honor of celebrating his name day. …

  6. Othin

    Throughout Trade Secret it is several times mentioned, that more than 1 year has passed since Jethri left Goblins Market but less than 2 years.

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