Local Custom – Chapter 13

In which Er Thom is generous in his gift-giving.

Daav is playing a dangerous hand, not telling Thodelm yos’Galan about Shan even when she asks straight out if there’s anything else she should know about Anne. But I expect he’s taking his cue from Er Thom, and I can understand why Er Thom would prefer for that news to wait until he is able to deliver it in full and in person.

The mention of the Trade Commission on VanDyk is interesting, because its location suggests a Terran origin: VanDyk sounds more like a Terran name than a Liaden, and one would expect a Liaden trade commission to be situated on Liad itself rather than an Outworld. I wonder if it’s a descendent of the same organization Arin Gobelyn was a commissioner of? If so, the fact that it is now trusted with the registry of Master Traders suggests that the efforts of Jethri and his friends to build stronger ties between Liaden traders and Terran traders met with some success.

We also get a passing mention of Korval’s old allies, Clan Erob, who are now situated on Lytaxin.

1 thought on “Local Custom – Chapter 13

  1. Skip

    Neither yo’Laney nor Ivrex was master-class, but two solid, substantial traders from solid, substantial clans.

    These two trader names sound like yo’Lanna and Clan Ixin

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