Local Custom – Chapter 24

In which Petrella has a very odd view of Er Thom’s character.

A moment passes in which things had an opportunity to resolve themselves more quickly and neatly, if only Anne had said what she wants instead of what she thought was required of her. But if we’re talking “if only”, we might add: If only Er Thom had done a better job of letting Anne know what he wants. And so on, as the saying goes, back to the beginning of the universe. (Or possibly, with this bunch, before.)

A nice exchange that says a lot about Korval’s viewpoint (and possibly it’s a widespread Liaden viewpoint, but perhaps only a Dragon would say it out loud):

“I will not have him interpreting Code for his own benefit!”
“Isn’t that what it’s for?”

2 thoughts on “Local Custom – Chapter 24

  1. Ed8r

    So we find that Anne’s field originally was music. This talent then is much deeper than I had thought, when Val Con happens to mention that his foster-mother taught him to play the omnichora.

  2. Ed8r

    Just adding this note to call out a bit of the authors’ imagery that I really enjoyed:

    A breeze played momentary tag with the flowers at the edge of the patio, gave up the sport to tease the sleeves of Er Thom’s robe, then veered again, showering Petrella with flower-scent as it chased off.

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