Scout’s Progress – Chapter 8

In which Vin Sin chel’Mara’s delm has news to share.

I believe this is the only time we meet Delm Aragon. He seems a smart man, and well-equipped with that ironic sense of humor all the best Liadens have. I think I like him — from a safe distance. I should be considerably more wary if I had ever to deal with him in person.

Several chapters in, the authors have finally got around to telling us Var Mon’s family: he is of Line pin’Aker in Clan Midys. Since Trade Secret was published, his friendship with Rema ven’Deelin has retroactively become a nice callback to the friendship between Jethri Gobelyn ven’Deelin and Samay pin’Aker.

9 thoughts on “Scout’s Progress – Chapter 8

  1. Ed8r

    The name of the clan is curious: “Aragon” is autonomous community in Spain. Reading about it, I cannot think why I recognized the name, but I did.

  2. Paul A. Post author

    One thing Aragon is known for in the English-speaking world is producing Catherine of Aragon, who was Queen of England from 1509 to 1533.

  3. Ed8r

    Ah, of course! Now it makes sense that it would sound familiar. I despair of my google-fu.

  4. Paul A. Post author

    That was Aragorn, with an extra r — although I do sometimes wonder if the authors had him in mind, and just changed the spelling a bit to make it less obvious.

  5. Ed8r

    You are missing an “r” (and I know that name too well to have not recognized it). The Ranger is Aragorn.

  6. Ed8r

    What we didn’t know is that, while he dealt with Vin Sin in a way readers may have felt was appropriate, that didn’t mean anything other than a wise business move and a way to avoid any further Balance by those Vin Sin had cheated. In I Dare we learn that Aragon is not a friend of Korval, in fact Aragon is the one who calls upon Korval to answer charges of kin-stealing and of murder, thus playing the pawn for the DOI.

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