Mouse and Dragon – Chapter 15

In which Aelliana and Daav go to inspect their ship and make discoveries of several kinds.

Several important developments occur in this chapter, but they’re the kind of things I’m not good at stringing words together about.

I’m much better at the trivial observations, like noting that there are a few details in this chapter that have extra resonance for readers familiar with other books in the series, like Clonak’s choice of occupation, or the way Trilla apologises before wiping her face.

1 thought on “Mouse and Dragon – Chapter 15

  1. Ed8r

    All I can say is: It’s a good thing Aelliana and Daav have such a strong attraction to each other, otherwise, what we see of her previous experience would not have been something she could overcome. I think we can credit the Tree with allowing this path of physical communication to make itself available to her again, since the Healers had declared the damage to have been too long ago.

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