Conflict of Honors – Chapter 7

Shipyear 65
Tripday 131
First Shift
1.30 hours

In which Priscilla meets more of the crew.

Priscilla meets two of her crewmates-to-be, radio tech Rusty and librarian Lina, and begins to get from them the idea that Dutiful Passage is not much like Daxflan.

Which may go some way toward explaining the tests she’d been puzzling over. There’s a particular community spirit on Dutiful Passage, so a prospective crewmember needs to be a temperamental match as well as being good at her job.

I do wonder how quickly Shan is going through cabin boys, if he’s had four since he took over as captain — according to the timeline, that was less than a year ago.

7 thoughts on “Conflict of Honors – Chapter 7

  1. Bob D

    I suspect the cabin boy position is just a place holder so they have a nominal place to land while Shan teaches and directs as he wants. Given how he works, he might even be able to have 2-3 at the same time without them bumping into each other. Generalizing from Daxflan to any Liaden norms would seem to be a path fraught with peril- though I recall a warning on the opposite side of that coin considering that Liadens will not necessarily help you or act honorably just because they are Liaden.

  2. Ed8r

    I also wonder about the wde range of topics on this test. It seems there are some “hard” sciences, but also a good deal of seemingly casual or “light” questions. The piloting parts I can imagine are “hard facts” not preferences and opinions. As far as the other areas, I suspect Shan had already (consciously) made up his mind that he wanted to give her a place on the passage, and the testing was almost an afterthought. Unconsciously, I suspect the lifemate bond of already putting out feelers from his pattern to connect with this person who needed his protection.

  3. Othin

    One does not need to credit the Life-Mate-Bond here. Shan has already a well known protective drive for “wounded things” (at least known by his clan) as is mentioned a few chapters later. And the Life-Mate-Bond for Shan and Precilla is something less instictive and more concious and controlled than the one’s in his less dramliz relatives. The light and semingly odd questions are more for deciding how Percilla might fit in and where she might end up. Deos she have the gut instincts or attitude that a good leader has, etc. How broard is her background. Will she be one that might deal with a variety of cultures or is she more narrow minded. ….

  4. Paul A. Post author

    The light and semingly odd questions are more for deciding how Percilla might fit in and where she might end up.

    Yes, I think this is right. Shan had almost certainly decided by the end of their first interview to offer her a place on the Passage, but the tests helped him figure out what that place should be.

  5. Paul A. Post author

    …and now I’m wondering if it was her answer to the prebatout question that gave him the idea of appointing her the pet librarian.

  6. Ed8r

    I have to confess that the term “pet librarian” still takes me aback every time. My brain persists on interpreting it as “a librarian who is kept around only as a pet” instead of “a librarian who cares for and keeps track of pets.”

  7. Ed8r

    On second or third thought—although we need not “credit” the lifemate bond here, as Othin explains—yet we also need not discount it as a strong influence in Shan’s efforts to find a reason to provide a place for Priscilla on the Dutiful Passage.

    I have come back to this idea because in my re-reread, I have just begun Agent of Change again. I had forgotten that we are shown, initially without any explanation, the Loop in his mind AND Val Con’s overriding its predictions in order to stay with Miri . . . even “proposing marriage” despite the dire percentages he is bombarded with. We discover later that it was the lifemate bond that effected this resistance to his agent programming.

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