Neogenesis – Chapter 7

Vivulonj Prosperu

In which the Uncle makes an unscheduled detour.

Taggerth’s Trade News, which Daav classifies under “comedy” rather than “news”, has been mentioned a few times before, when Kamele is catching up on news of her daughter in Dragon Ship and again during Shan’s trading mission in Alliance of Equals. Kamele and Shan both share Daav’s low opinion of its value as a news source.

Another name that has been mentioned a few times before is that of Seignur Veeoni. Tocohl came across her published work in Alliance of Equals while researching the Uncle’s activities and the rumors of the awakening Old One. Its topic was fractins, and the possibility of recreating them, for what that may be worth when the Uncle says here that her publications are intended to distract from her real work.

What “the Light” may be, I have my suspicions. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say, “I have seen the list of chapter headings, in which the word ‘Light’ appears in a particular context”; I don’t know if my suspicions would have gone in that direction otherwise, even though The Gathering Edge helpfully reminded us of its existence. If it is that Light, it is probably connected to the Old One whom Inki is so interested in — and the Uncle’s too late worrying about the project being affected by Korval’s Luck.

I rather suspect that the Uncle is going to find himself stuck with Daav and Aelliana for the duration, too.

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  1. Paul A. Post author

    Continuing my recent comments’ interest in Statements That Are More Interesting on Second Reading, I offer: “Seignur Veeoni must not be exposed to Korval’s Luck.”

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