Shout of Honor – Chapter 7

In which Vepal and Sanchez go for a walk.

Commander Sanchez’s “easy security job on Panore” rings a bell; in “Quiet Knives”, Panore is the holiday planet for rich people that the protagonists were always saying they’d go visit some day.

When Erthax said that the target was a planet occupied by mercenary forces, I figured that ruled out Surebleak.

It turns out that one of Korval’s enterprises for bringing Surebleak into the galactic economy is to offer part of it to Miri’s old friends in the mercs as a training ground. That’s a neat idea; apart from bringing people and money in, it means that once the training centre is up and running there will continually be a large number of soldiers present on the planet with an interest in seeing that it’s well defended.

What I don’t think I understand is why Sanchez and Cheladin think this makes Surebleak a more tempting target. Possibly the idea is to attack before the training centre is fully up and running, but after the hard work of setting it up and supplying it has been done, so that the mercs who take part in the attack can claim it as booty and use it for themselves.

Cheladin says she has been unable to send a warning pinbeam because of how her ship is docked. I wonder if Vepal’s ship is similarly restricted.

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  1. Ed8r

    Notice that when Jinjee formally introduces Vepal to “Lieutenant” Cheladin, Ochin is identified as an aide, a higher level position than just “private” or “troop.” Since Vepal does not correct her, it seems that he already begins to consider Ochin in that capacity.

    Here’s a totally trivial question: Why is it surprising that Chelly declined dessert?

    And another: How many and which ones were the “several languages” used in responding with cussing after the announcement that all the station airlocks were sealed? Any guesses beyond Trade and Yxtrang?

  2. Othin

    “When Erthax said that the target was a planet occupied by mercenary forces, I figured that ruled out Surebleak.” Me to. I expected that if Miri or Korval had set this up it would have been mentioned before now. Though it explains neatly why a merc officer is in reach for interview just a day after the Strongarms arrival.

    Another thing I don’t get is that what kind of riches are those mercs expect. Some trifle bit of jewelry? A few cantra pieces? Try picturing mercs dividing a hundred rings or necklaces through 5000. Yes, Korval is rich and has some money as well as valuable things. But most of their things are not easily convertible into money or easily portable. You just can’t transport a shipyard easily. And for furniture, books and carpets you need room and knowledge and connections to make that into money.

    Do they just assume that since there there must be money on Surebleak since there is a merc training ground as well as Korval? Eaven scant research should bring up those facts that led the Juntavas acknowledge that Surebleak still lacked substance and therefore was unworthy of opening business there.

  3. Ed8r

    But that’s assuming any of those hired would do research. If they’re also being told they will receive actual payment, they would assume the contract ensured it being worth their while. Meanwhile it is apparently enough for those behind Perdition that revenge or Balance be achieved. Will we find out the “who”?

  4. Paul A. Post author

    Here’s a totally trivial question: Why is it surprising that Chelly declined dessert?

    I take it that it’s because of the contrast with how enthusiastically she accepted the foregoing meal.

    (It also, of course, serves as a hint that what they choose to do instead of dessert is more important than it might initially appear.)

  5. Skip

    So now we have two more merry bands of mercenaries. The Paladin, led by JinJee Sanchez, and the Lyr Cats, with “Lieutenant” Cheladin, but commanded by WHO?

    In the merc Hall of Fame — honorable mention to outsider, Master Rifle Orchin.

    Hall of Infamy — Orburt Vinkleer and the Vinkleer Cooperative, for trying to corner the Lyr Cat medical team and steal them for their own corps, trying to take over space station, etc.

    This could be added to the FANDOM site merc page.

    Setting up a merc recruitment station on Surebleak has been included in at least one prior story. I’ll maybe check the books to find an excerpt.

  6. Ed8r

    So my memory is playing tricks on me? I thought we’d heard of the Lyr Cats before this/?

  7. Paul A. Post author

    I thought we’d heard of the Lyr Cats before this?

    There have been several mentions of lyr cats, the proverbially ferocious animal, but according to my notes this story is the first time we’ve heard of Lyr Cats, the merc unit.

  8. XYZ

    Panore is also the planet on which Miri purchases a hyatt in king of the cats with a twelve cantra piece. Which coin, it’s noted, might be used to purchase a star system in other places.

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