A numerical tangent

In case you happened to be interested, Accepting the Lance is 96 chapters long, including the prologue and epilogue. That’s a lot of chapters. (It’s a third again more than the next-longest Liaden Universe novel, and about twice the series average.)

It’s enough to keep this blog going all the way through January and February and into March. By then, I may have figured out what’s going to happen next.

5 thoughts on “A numerical tangent

  1. Ed8r

    And apparently the next book will cover all the other characters and their activities that couldn’t be stuffed into this one. I wonder if Trader’s Leap is going to be just as long!

  2. Ed8r

    So there are 96 chapters (and many jumps between scenes) but how about word count? Is the length of the book itself extended beyond the series average? Or is it shorter? Or do we know?

  3. Ed8r

    Paul: By then, I may have figured out what’s going to happen next.

    I, for one, await your decision.

  4. Paul A. Post author

    I had a Plan, but I got sidetracked into other things and it didn’t come together in time. So for now the plan is just to go into hibernation again until Trader’s Leap comes out.

  5. Ed8r

    Okay. I’ll go back to adding in comments from my most recent read-through—which were suspended for Accepting the Lance. “See you” in December!

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