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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 68

Six of Us
Daglyte Seam

In which further discussion is called for.

What with one thing and another, Scout Commander yos’Phelium is going to have some ‘splaining to do when the report of this day gets filed.

Claidyne has an advantage in talking to the Assembly, in that she she shares with them the experience of having been a captive intelligence and then given the ability to choose, in a way that not many humans do.

Accepting the Lance – Chapter 66

Six of Us
Daglyte Seam

In which the Assembled come to add their voices to the discussion.

I’ve used “This is a short chapter and I can’t think of anything to say about it” once already for this book, and that’s already once more than I prefer, but it’s true and I want to get on and find out what happens next.

Accepting the Lance – Chapter 57


In which Aberthaz Ferry has things to do.

I am, naturally, pleased that Bechimo has decided not to be bothered any more by Theo’s decision from earlier, but I don’t really see why it happened now in particular. What has happened to change his mind?
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 50

Six of Us
Daiellen System

In which Sye Mon and Bon Vit are brought up to speed.

The Daiellen Sector is Surebleak’s neighbourhood, so these two haven’t travelled all that far — or else they headed back once they discovered where the war machines had been sent. Either way, it means it wouldn’t take too long for them to join in with the convocation at Benoo Three if for some reason their presence was required in person.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 3

In which three get with the program.

I mentioned the way the team had split up last time, but I only just now realised that it’s reflected in the chapter titles: they’re called “One”, “Two”, and “Three”, not just because they’re the first three chapters of the book, but also because that’s how many of the Six are in each chapter.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 2

In which two negotiate.

The Six are going for a multi-pronged effort: one remaining in sight as a decoy, two making the preparations described in this chapter, and the final three preparing to attack from a different direction that will presumbly be described in the next chapter.
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Neogenesis – Chapter 25

Vivulonj Prosperu

In which the Uncle learns the outcome of his project.

He chose to be amused. The better reaction for everybody, I expect.
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Neogenesis – Chapter 24

Tinsori Light

In which the relief arrives.

I feel like there’s another small gap in the narrative here, between where we last saw Tocohl, in control but struggling, and where we find her now, of the kind where I feel there should have been something in between even if it was just a form of “and everything went according to plan”.
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