Trader’s Leap – Chapter 6

Tarona Rusk
Auxiliary Services

In which Section Head Tarona Rusk catches up on the news of her department.

More details about the consequences of the Healing of Tarona Rusk, and more things whose absence was felt in Accepting the Lance. It’s going to be interesting, at some point in the future, to re-read this stretch of the series with Trader’s Leap included in chronological order, and see how much that changes how I feel about Accepting the Lance.

The story of Hosilee ver’Fonat, in particular, is something that I remember thinking ought to have been told in at least this much detail.

I believe this is the first time we’ve encountered the name of Colemeno, so we don’t know anything about the teams that were sent there and haven’t reported back — unless Colemeno is the name by which the Department knows the planet where Bentamin and Tekelia live.

The thing with Sondi falls into the category of the emotional stuff that I never know what to say about.

8 thoughts on “Trader’s Leap – Chapter 6

  1. Paul A. Post author

    I took it to mean one Luck surviving out of the ones attached by Tarona Rusk, not one Luck surviving anywhere. As far as I recall, Mar Tyn was never attached to the Department in any capacity.

    It’s interesting, this suggestion that there might be one Luck still in the network. It could be taken to imply that the Luck’s luck is helping the network survive and avoid attention; on the other hand, maybe the Luck is dead, or their luck is only interested in their own survival, and the network’s fortune has nothing to do with it. Luck that may or may not be active seems very on-brand.

  2. Skip

    True! Lol. By the way, is this your first read through? I didn’t buy the eArc, so I only just read the book this week.

  3. Ed8r

    But that’s the fun! Reporting “tyops” to Sharon, who makes corrections for the editor, and then comparing the final product with the eARC. Oh, well . . . I guess that’s only “fun” for some of us OCD folks. But, since I know I’m going to read anything in this series at least twice, I figure I might as well start there.

  4. Skip

    I liked this — “the Plan had been proceeding with few setbacks . . . until Agent of Change yos’Phelium was placed into the field.”

    Both Shan and Val Con did much to end the Enemy

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