Trader’s Leap – Chapter 37

Colemeno Port

In which Shan yos’Galan receives news of kin.

I’m not exactly surprised by the revelation about Trader Isfelm’s family; in fact, though I didn’t specifically see it coming, it had something of a feeling of inevitability about it as it unfolded.

The ground was well prepared for it, with the foreshadowing of the Dust-cousins and Eet noting the family resemblance.

I’m not surprised by her ring being a Jump Pilot’s cluster, either — that was always my first guess, I just didn’t want to commit myself. It does make me wonder how many of those Korval has had and lost, apart from this one and the one that went with Jen Sin to Tinsori Light.

The clan increases. One wonders if the universe is ready to have more children of Korval let loose upon it.

1 thought on “Trader’s Leap – Chapter 37

  1. Skip

    A master trader ring and a jump pilot ring would certainly gaudify the hand! It’s possible that most of the master traders are also master jump pilots. Two rings of that size would surely bling. Maybe that’s why the ring has grown less common.

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