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Mouse and Dragon – Chapter 19

In which courier pilot Aelliana Caylon makes her first interstellar delivery.

The other thing I wonder, speaking of the incident with Delm Hedrede in Scout’s Progress, is whether Dath jo’Bern is the same person as Delm Hedrede. We never got Hedrede’s personal name, nor any other personal details beyond “female” and “not young”; Dath jo’Bern is female, and if she’s a grandmother’s cha’leket she’s probably not young. If she is delm, one might have expected the fact to be mentioned, but I think that’s thinking like a Terran, and a Liaden might say that it’s an irrelevant detail when she’s acting in a personal capacity. (We’ve seen that several times with Daav and Delm Korval, as recently as when Aelliana told Mr dea’Gauss Daav yos’Phelium was going to be her co-pilot.) On the other hand, would Delm Hedrede choose to give business to one so closely associated with Korval, after that incident in Council?

Scout’s Progress – Chapter 19

In which Ride the Luck and her crew test their capabilities.

Aelliana continues to develop. Daav is pushing her in ways he wouldn’t have when they first met because she wouldn’t have been able to handle them, and she is handling them.

One consequence of this which gives superficial pleasure to the reader, on top of the deeper pleasure at her progress, is that she’s now able to participate in the banter instead of just watching in dismay as it whizzes past.

For my favourite moment in this chapter, I’m torn between “Clonak — Clonak calls you Captain,” she told him, as if this might have someway escaped his notice. and “Thank you, but I — don’t believe I am hungry.” “Yes,” he said placidly, “I know.”

Scout’s Progress – Chapter 3

In which Aelliana leaves.

Aelliana-the-teacher, confident in her handling of her students, is an interesting contrast to Aelliana the rest of the time.

In the course of the lesson, we get the most detailed description of piloting math I can recall before Trade Secret was published, including our first mention of the ven’Tura Tables.

It’s an interesting detail that it’s possible to go from Liad to Terra in a single Jump, if one should want to. I wonder how often anybody ever does.

(The second part of the chapter, in which Aelliana has that fateful conversation with Ran Eld, is one of those parts of the series which I appreciate a great deal but not in a way that leads to putting many words together.)